Solutions for extended sites

Solutions for extended sites //

CamTrace servers are particularly well suited for companies with a large fleet of IP or analog cameras, and an already installed and secure computer network. CamTrace can support extended sites with several thousand cameras, spread over several servers.


Example of extended site monitoring with Camtrace Multiserver //



The general architecture of CamTrace, with its two separate network legs and disabled routing, allows total isolation between the company’s computer network and the IP network of the cameras. Security and bandwidth are preserved, which will reassure business IT managers.

In addition, the CamTrace software can work in a cluster: several servers each manage several dozen cameras, and a single interface is proposed to the surveillance staff. The same software manages several hundreds or thousands of cameras in a transparent way.

Finally, the rights managed by the server are assigned precisely : some users can view such camera, recordings, telemetry; others can only connect from a specific point in the company. Everything has been designed to extend the network access management maintained by the IT department.